The Covid-19 pandemic has imposed major changes in our lives. While our team still aims to keep a "business as usual  approach", we have introduced new  measures to guarantee everyone's safety.


In accordance with the contact tracing rules in the case of Covid-19 contagion, the customer has to provide the full names of all the participants.


Customers, as well as our team member(s) will get a mandatory temperature check.

Each customer will be required to sign a form to declare, under his/her own responsibility, that he/she has not come into contact with infected subjects and also that he/is not infected at present time.
Parents or any adult who will take the responsibility will sign the form on account of participants under 18 years old.


  • All areas that customers touch are frequently cleaned
  • Wearing masks is mandatory in the car and in any other situation in which 1 mt safety distance between persons cannot be kept. Please, note that this rule will change in accordance with national safety measures.
  • All required equipment is provided
  • Customers must sit in the back of the car

What happens if, at the temperature check, a customer shows a high
temperature (equal or higher than 37,5 °C)?

  • If, at the temperature check done before starting the tour (at the time of pick-up or at the meeting point), a customer should a temperature equal to or higher than 37.5 °, if he declares, under his responsibility, that he is feeling well, will be sent back to accommodation; if, on the other hand, he should declare that he feels sick and shows Covid19 symptoms, the Positano Dolce Vita team will alert the health authorities for information on the procedure to be followed.
  • If the customer, despite having shown a temperature within the expected limits (less than 37.5 °) at the time of check, should then feel ill during the tour presenting symptoms that can be associated with Covid19, the Positano Dolce Vita team will alert the health authorities for information on the procedure to be followed.

The customer who, for the above reasons, will not be able to do the tour, will be refunded.


Cancellations related to the Covid-19 pandemic requested at any time will result in a full
refund to the customer.